So there is one more part of this blog that I haven't really talked about, that I want to include also! FOOD!!! I love food! I dont just mean eating it, I mean cooking, grilling, broiling, steaming and more important then all of that is experimenting with it! I love to cook in anyway that that can entail! I really love to make food and experiment with it.

So to start with I am going to talk about an experiment that I did the other day. We were running low on food and we really needed to go grocery shopping. So I went to Raley's and just picked up a few things. I picked up some asparagus, green onions, carrots, fresh snap peas, yellow onions, zucchini and an organic short grain brown rice that I have recently discovered and I really like. It is the rice that they usually use if they are making a brown rice sushi. That very much could be the reason that I love it so much!

I already had a pork ball, also called a shoulder roast. This is one of my favorite meats to use. I love the versatility that it has. It is not to expensive yet if you cook it right it is one of the most tender meats that you can find. Not only that but you can use it in any way that you want. I choose that day to cut it up pretty small in strips about 2 inches long. I took the pork and put it into the already hot pan, and gave it a quick hot flash then threw in the vegetables and sauces. I have never made anything Chinese food like before, so I was very interested in how this would come out LOL! The sauces that I used were a teriyaki and a oyster sauce. I added rice vinegar. I covered it an let it all steam. I had the rice in rice cooker that came out perfect.

So its all came out pretty cool! It was really good, simple and quick. The only thing that I would have done differently is put in the carrots, asparagus, and green onions in after everything had a chance to cook a bit, cause those particular veggies were over cooked when all was said and done.

I  really loved how quick and simple this all came out to be you cook it all until the veggies are cooked and served over rice. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick and delicious meal.

My first review! Its a freaking awesome one!!!

So I got in contact with an AWESOME company called I freaking love this website! They let me pick out a shirt, which was great of them, the only problem? I seriously couldn't choose! I was on the website for seriously 2 hours trying to figure out which one I should get. Finally I figured it out when I saw tis one!

Check it out!

You seriously need to check out this site so many great shirts it's not funny. Its great! If you watch movies this is where you need to be. It goes from classic to Jersey Shore (which I totally don't understand). They have classic video games and tv shows and everything!

So anyway point is check this place out for sure! Even if your not planning on buying anything check it out cause I can guarantee a good laugh if nothing else! One more thing they have great prices on the shirts too. They have a $9 section and a $6.99 deals of the day section, and in both of these sections, it's not the crappy shirts that didn't sell that are there, it's some pretty freaking cool shirts! So give it a check for me!

Just in case you have no idea why I got that shirt. Here is something else that you need to check out for a laugh.

Uncharted and Uncharted 2

So I realized that I have yet to really talk about video games. Thats kinda gay on my part considering its in the name of my blog right! lol!

So I am starting off with one of my favorite games/series of all time!! Uncharted! These games are freaking awesome! I'm not big on adventure type games and third person view, but these games are MORE then worth it. The dialog alone is worth the play. The main character, Nate, is hilarious. The witty banter through the whole thing has you cracking up!

Now all this is not say that its some kids game where you  just laugh through the whole thing. Cause its not. Its a pretty difficult game also. I played through the first one on normal and it was rough at times and I am now playing it again on hard and its living up to its title. The great part is that if you beat it in hard then it unlocks CRUSHING!!! I have not tries this yet, but one of my buddies has and his says ridiculous! One shot and your done! My wife watched me play this game, which I will explain a little later, and near the end she couldn't watch due the suspense and a few other reasons that I do not want to explain for  fear of giving away part of the story.

I'm not the kind of gamer that plays these kinds of things over once I know the story and done! No surprises left why play it again. That said, these games don't leave my library ever! They are so good you can easily play themover and over again!

One awesome thing left. The graphics on both of these games are OUTRAGEOUS!!! The scenery is amazing. It adds a whole different element to the game. My wife hates when I play games cause she just heads to the computer and zones out. While I was playing both of these games she sat there with me and watched and was totally involved helping me figure things out and enjoying the amazing graphics too.


Uncharted 2

So check these games out! They are only on PS3, which if your not then your retarted anyway! If you don't have a Playstation then it really really sucks to be you! This is the kind of game that people buy systems for  and im not just saying that. O and I'm not getting anything for this just so you know. This is seriously just one of my all time favorite game series EVER!!!! Check it out man!

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Fantasy Football!!! again lol (sorry ladies)

So I posted about fantasy football last week. I I told you about my dilemma and how well it had been working out for me. So it ended up GREAT!!! I put up more points then anyone else had all year and I really think its going to stick for a while cause i freaking NAILED IT!!! I ended the week with over 166 points! It was awesome!

Ok so now this week. My dilemmas are not so big cause Baltimore is playing Pittsburgh which means that I am not playing Flacco or Boldin. No biggie. Now I have to decide if I am going to play the rookie phenom of Jahvid Best, who is hurt with a turf toe injury and will be playing but not at 100%, or if I go with the VERY much underachieving MJD. (Maurice Jones-Drew) He had not been putting up numbers at all! Its lame! If Best wasn't hurt I would play him right away cause his numbers have been great and MJD is KILLING me with his crap numbers, but how well will Best do with his toe injury? Its what I like to call a conundrum of epic proportions! or just a slight problem that I'm going to decide on and just not worry about any more cause its not a big deal lol.

Ok back to it! I'm sorry!

Yea so I had a big job to do and I have spent the last few days working day and night. So I am very sorry about the lack of posts! I have a few things that I will be posting about here in the next few hours.


My new layout is Ninjas!!! Awesome! I know its kiddish but I love it anyway! Haha!

Im sorry!!!

I have been working day and night the past few days! So I'm sorry that I have not posted and I will remedy el situationo today just let me get some sleep first please!

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So my wife said I need to do linkups for new followers.
So here it is.

(1)  What’s the last restaurant you went to and what did you order?
I have to think, we rarely go out to eat. PF Changs while working in the bay area. I ate MuShu Pork and I had a Jack and Coke.  That's kind of my go to drink.
(2) What's your greatest phobia?
I don't really have one. Every great once in a blue moon I'll get slightly claustrophobic. But that's only when I am squeezing in between pipes for work and my head gets stuck. My mom says i have a big head.
(3) On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot are you?
10 NIGGA!!
(4) You just found out you (or your partner) are having a baby.  What's your reaction?
Dammit I'm ALREADY broke.
(5) You just won a free vacation to anywhere in the world.  Where would you go?
 A European tour. I would enjoy experiencing the history.

The Chargers HMMMMM!!!!!

Anger is welling up inside me!!!! I love the Chargers!! I hate the Chargers!!! Being a Bolt fan is like a roller coaster of epic proportions! Its like having a relationship with a bi-polar, alcoholic, meth head! They are so good and yet those lose stupid games like the chiefs and seahawks! REALLY!?!?! COME ON!!!! 2 count that 2 KO for TDS. You cant make a tackle! One Tackle! How hard is that to do! Im angry! I have a fire in my belly!

Fantasy Football!!!

I was super stressing this morning!!! I have fantasy football league with a bunch of my friends including my wife MissC over at Life As I See It! So as I said I was stressing! I have been playing Joe Flacco. Huge mistake! He has been killing me! He had gotten me a total of 10 pts over 2 weeks! HORRIBLE!!! So this week I picked up Matt Ryan, that way I had a better back up. (I had had Kevin Kolb Another bad decision! Im good at fantasy football I swear!) So Flacco 2 bad weeks in a row. O and to make this all worse I'm playing one of my very best friends who has a very good team so I HAVE to win! So my decision comes down to do I really think that Flacco will be bad 3 weeks in a row? It came down to the fact that he was playing the Browns. Yea thats what finally made my decision. Then if im playing Flacco I have to play Boldin who I also have, but again had been killing me. If your playing the QB and you have the #1 WR you gotta play them both right?! So I did! RESULTS: Its not quite half time and the 2 of them have me 36 points!!! Thats right!!! HA!!! I told you im good at this!!!


I enjoy drinking and not in the usual stupid child way of drinking to get drunk! I just enjoy the so many different tastes and ways of putting things together. So I'm gonna give you a quick breakdown of what I have been drinking lately. I have been loving tequila sunrise! YEA THAT'S QUEER!!! I don't know why I have been digging them so much, but as you will find out as this thing goes on, I am a very streaky. I will drink one thing for like two months and then drink something else for two months. Example: before I started drinking queer drinks I was downing Bond martinis like it was the freaking fountain of youth! Shaken not stirred and dirty! I like dirty! Haha! I love beer too. Of course what dude doesn't! I like corona as you can tell, but that's just an easy fall back beer that you can always get! I love this time of year cause of all the seasonal beers that come out at this time! The Samuel Adams Octoberfest is AWESOME!!! Its a great combination of fall flavors. It has a light citrus flavors with a wonderful combination of hops! If you haven't tried it it is a must try for sure! Anyway that's a quick breakdown of booze for me. I will be doing a Video Games breakdown as well tonight of tomorrow so stay tuned!

Ok Let me explain!

So everything that is posted before this post is from a previous blog that I had started. I realized that I wanted to do more then just a football blog and I didn't have any followers really so I just started a new one and switched everything over! I still very much want to do football and the such, but I wanted to add somethings to it now. So I will be doing video games other things that are "guy stuff"! I like beer and booze also so I will be telling you about things that I drink and try. I also very much enjoy cooking/BBQ and I want to talk about that too! So break down: Football, booze, video games, and food!


So I'm a huge NFL fan, as I stated before. I have some buddies who are more into the college game. I have been getting more and more into the NFL as time goes on. Now I am starting to see that I really enjoy the college game too. If your watching the college game you know so much more about the the pros! I love knowing more about the draft and having an opinion on when people are drafted.

So its Saturday. I'm sure my wife is not happy about it, but I'm loving sitting on the couch watching these kids fly all over the field!

So there is one aspect of the college game I don't like! I am 25 years old. I'm still young I know that. These guys I'm watching are so much younger then me now!!! It makes me feel so freaking old!!! The guys coming into the pros are like 20. The 2 O- Linemen that the 49ers picked up in the first round this past off season are 20! Can you believe that! they are making millions and are huge! What happened to me!?! LOL! O well not much to do about it now. I'm just not used to feeling so stinking old that's all!

So is a CB worth the house!

Revis! Darelle Revis! This is where I am starting! Its a hard one if you ask me. He is definitely worth more then the million that he scheduled to make this year, there is no doubt about that! So now the question becomes is ANY CB worth 15 a mil a year? You may say, "Well Nnamdi Asomugha is making that much and Revis is better then that guy!" Really?! That's what your going to go with! I want you to take a moment and think about the man on the other side of that contract. Who was that again? O yea a scary dead looking crazy dude by the name of Al Davis! Who apparently hates his money, cause he loves to throw it away at people like Jamarcus Russell! I'm not saying that Asomugha is not a great player cause he is, the guys is VERY good, but lets just say that his agent should represent me at anything I do because he must be amazing! Compare the two guys for yourself.

Yea they are good I agree and way more useful then their stats may reveal, but 15 MILLION! That' millions more a year then the 6-year $73 million contract that Jared Allen one of the most feared guys on the NFL field! I don't know bout you but I would pay the that guy more then these two. I would piss my pants everyday of the week if i saw Jared Allen running at me. Not saying that I wouldn't be concerned if these two were either, but I'm just saying that the thought would cross my mind for a second that "Hey I might take them." So I think that really the question needs to be asked not if he should should be the highest paid CB on the field, cause I think we would all say that he should be at least among if not THE highest paid, but just that should the highest paid CB be paid this much!?

O Yea!

So here is a little about me! I guess I should tell you a bit. I am a HUGE Chargers fan! A homer you might say. I not a huge baseball fan but I do know about it and will have plenty of takes on it. Don't care about things that are stupid and boring such as soccer and hockey. Got a problem with it then SUCK IT!!! If you wanna know more to bad!


So I started a blog! I dont do the stuff at all! This writing and blogging thing isn't really me, but some of the takes on sports these days are BOGUS! Some people are crazy! It's all of nothing! Tiger is the best ever and NO ONE will ever be better or he is finished and will never win another tournament in his life! Tim Tebow will amount to nothing or after 2 throws in a preseason game against 2nd stringers all questions are quelled and he is taking over the team and will be coaching by the end of the season and will throw more TD then Brady and Manning put together! This stuff is nuts man! So this is my answer, I am now a blogger. Whatever I don't know about this stuff but I'm done with listening to crazy. Now you have the chance to listen to my kind of crazy!

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