The Chargers HMMMMM!!!!!

Anger is welling up inside me!!!! I love the Chargers!! I hate the Chargers!!! Being a Bolt fan is like a roller coaster of epic proportions! Its like having a relationship with a bi-polar, alcoholic, meth head! They are so good and yet those lose stupid games like the chiefs and seahawks! REALLY!?!?! COME ON!!!! 2 count that 2 KO for TDS. You cant make a tackle! One Tackle! How hard is that to do! Im angry! I have a fire in my belly!


The Wolf said...

Sounds like me and my favorite hockey team the Canucks. During the season their one of the best performing teams. And yet when it comes to playoff time they crap out. I swear someimes they do this to test my patience.

Sweet blog by the way I'm adding you're button to my site right away

Seth said...

UGH!!! I swear they are GOING to be the death of me! My headstone will say "Chargers die hard; Heart Attack Nuff Said!!!

Thanks I really appreciate that! Im just kinda playing around gonna talk about everything should be fun!

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