So is a CB worth the house!

Revis! Darelle Revis! This is where I am starting! Its a hard one if you ask me. He is definitely worth more then the million that he scheduled to make this year, there is no doubt about that! So now the question becomes is ANY CB worth 15 a mil a year? You may say, "Well Nnamdi Asomugha is making that much and Revis is better then that guy!" Really?! That's what your going to go with! I want you to take a moment and think about the man on the other side of that contract. Who was that again? O yea a scary dead looking crazy dude by the name of Al Davis! Who apparently hates his money, cause he loves to throw it away at people like Jamarcus Russell! I'm not saying that Asomugha is not a great player cause he is, the guys is VERY good, but lets just say that his agent should represent me at anything I do because he must be amazing! Compare the two guys for yourself.

Yea they are good I agree and way more useful then their stats may reveal, but 15 MILLION! That' millions more a year then the 6-year $73 million contract that Jared Allen one of the most feared guys on the NFL field! I don't know bout you but I would pay the that guy more then these two. I would piss my pants everyday of the week if i saw Jared Allen running at me. Not saying that I wouldn't be concerned if these two were either, but I'm just saying that the thought would cross my mind for a second that "Hey I might take them." So I think that really the question needs to be asked not if he should should be the highest paid CB on the field, cause I think we would all say that he should be at least among if not THE highest paid, but just that should the highest paid CB be paid this much!?


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