My first review! Its a freaking awesome one!!!

So I got in contact with an AWESOME company called I freaking love this website! They let me pick out a shirt, which was great of them, the only problem? I seriously couldn't choose! I was on the website for seriously 2 hours trying to figure out which one I should get. Finally I figured it out when I saw tis one!

Check it out!

You seriously need to check out this site so many great shirts it's not funny. Its great! If you watch movies this is where you need to be. It goes from classic to Jersey Shore (which I totally don't understand). They have classic video games and tv shows and everything!

So anyway point is check this place out for sure! Even if your not planning on buying anything check it out cause I can guarantee a good laugh if nothing else! One more thing they have great prices on the shirts too. They have a $9 section and a $6.99 deals of the day section, and in both of these sections, it's not the crappy shirts that didn't sell that are there, it's some pretty freaking cool shirts! So give it a check for me!

Just in case you have no idea why I got that shirt. Here is something else that you need to check out for a laugh.


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