Fantasy Football!!! again lol (sorry ladies)

So I posted about fantasy football last week. I I told you about my dilemma and how well it had been working out for me. So it ended up GREAT!!! I put up more points then anyone else had all year and I really think its going to stick for a while cause i freaking NAILED IT!!! I ended the week with over 166 points! It was awesome!

Ok so now this week. My dilemmas are not so big cause Baltimore is playing Pittsburgh which means that I am not playing Flacco or Boldin. No biggie. Now I have to decide if I am going to play the rookie phenom of Jahvid Best, who is hurt with a turf toe injury and will be playing but not at 100%, or if I go with the VERY much underachieving MJD. (Maurice Jones-Drew) He had not been putting up numbers at all! Its lame! If Best wasn't hurt I would play him right away cause his numbers have been great and MJD is KILLING me with his crap numbers, but how well will Best do with his toe injury? Its what I like to call a conundrum of epic proportions! or just a slight problem that I'm going to decide on and just not worry about any more cause its not a big deal lol.


Hawkeyemkn said...

In my money league I played the highest scoring team in the league. Put up the 4th highest total in the league and lost. He put up the 2nd most.

If i would have started Maclain instead of TO I would have won.

Seth said...

O LAME!!!! That is always the worst! You put up these great numbers and still don't win cause the other guys had the freaking game of the year!!!

Hawkeyemkn said...

yea, i like the double header option due to that, so you could get 1 win if you dont play the highest scoring team. but espn doesnt have that.
2-2 in my money league right now, got a nice win this week.
3-1 in my free league, got a great team there

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