I have been BUSY!!!

So I havent posted in forever! I have been so busy its not even funny! I am going to give you a quick update of whats been up so that you can kind of have an idea of why I am writing things. There are going to be some changes in the way that I write and also to a small degree the content of what I am writing. I will still be writing about the things that I used to but I will be talking about more too.

So my position at the company that I was working for got eliminated. Basically they had me training the owners son so that I was not needed anymore. I'm not bitter about this, but I gets calls from the guy a few times a week asking how to do things. There will be an update on that part of things soon. If they think that 6 months of on again off again training will replace 8 years of in the feild experience they are crazier then I thought they were.

So no job at the time, I decided to go back to school as my wife already had. I was able to work my school schedule perfectly so that I am going full time, working and no one but me and my wife are taking care of our 5 year old crazy son, who will be from now on called Little Man. So I am taking classes now. I decided that going along with my 8 years experience that will major in fire technology, or FT, BUT I am also taking 2 journalism classes! There is that change in the way that I am writing! It really cool! I am loving the classes and am greatly looking forward to learning so much more.

Now as for the content, obviously I am still interested in all the same things, i.e. sports, beer, video games, and cooking. I just don't have nearly the time (or money) for those things any more. I still do them and will still write about them, I just maybe a little more family oriented now as that takes up a majority of my free time now.

So I just wanted to let you know whats been going down and why you haven't heard from me. You will be hearing a little more from me know and I am really looking forward to it. I am going to posting writing projects on here and things like that also so if you guys have any ideas or criticism don't hesitate to let me know about them in the comment PLEASE!!!! Also if you guys have any great ideas on articles to be written please let me know!


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