Aaron Rodgers

So I live about and hour away from Aaron Rodgers home town. Now anyone who watched the super bowl knows a little about his story. No one wanted him out high school so he went to a local community college and played QB for them there. He was great. All of a sudden all those colleges wanted him so he went to another local school in CAL. So basically I am writing this not only as a shout out to AR, but also I think its awesome that he worked hard even after people didn't want him and has now replaces a legend in one of the most storied franchises ever. If you watch the Green Bay games, in the beginning when they announce the players on tv and the player will say who he is and what college they came from? Well every once in a while AR will say Butte Community College. This is awesome! I love it. I have a friend who at the time lived up in Chico and actually went to high school with and he says the guy is legit. He actually is that down to earth and easy to get along with. Anyway I just wanted to do a quick shout out and drop little info about a cool local (to me anyway) guy.


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